College Soccer

NCAA Clearinghouse

If you are considering NCAA Division I or II soccer then you need to register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse or risk being ineligible to play your freshman year. This site also has other essential information.

The Sport Source

Publisher of the most comprehensive book detailing college soccer programs and their academic profiles. A must for college soccer program research.

NSCAA Scoreboard

A website with every college soccer program schedule, standings and links to their official website. Search by state, conference, gender, division. Free!

Soccer Field Locations and Maps Great resource

Club Soccer

Colorado State Youth Soccer Association (CSYSA)

Professional Soccer

FIFA Soccer’s world governing body

United States Soccer Federation Home of the US National teams

Major League Soccer US top professional league)

United Soccer League US 2nd, 3rd pro and semi-pro leagues

UEFA Europe’s soccer federation

Soccer News

ESPN Soccernet Excellent coverage of professional soccer

Indoor Soccer

Boulder Indoor Soccer Facility at 29th and Valmont

Soccer Retailers

Rocky Mountain Soccer Colorado’s best source for soccer gear

Skills Tricks Moves

Amazing Soccer Skills (Online Movie)

Nike Soccer

Local Professional & Semi-Pro

Colorado Rapids